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The 1700's Farmhouse

This bathroom remodel was a perfect example of underutilized space. We moved the laundry and opened up some walls to create one large room. We were able to conceal the washer and dryer in a closet and replaced the tub with a custom walk in shower with two niches for ample storage.


1700's Farmhouse


1700's Farmhouse
1700's Farmhouse


Once we began lifting up the layers of flooring that had been installed overtime and taking down the plaster, we discovered that the nearly 300 year old floor joists had cracked and were sagging. We were able to fix this by installing new joists that supported the new bathroom as well as leveled things back.

Anytime we are working in a historic home, we strive to keep as much of the original moulding intact as we can. We do our best to match what was there so we can blend the new with the old. In this bathroom, new walls had to be built to accommodate modern plumbing. In order to keep the original door trim, we added period-appropriate moulding which joined the different wall depths together.

1700's Farmhouse

Custom Woodwork

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