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Welcome to Carolina&


We are a home design and renovation company run by myself, Carolina McSherry, and my husband, James McSherry. Together we remodel houses and tackle small scale projects up to whole house renovations. 

Please enjoy our website designed to be a collection of our work and to give insight into who we are.

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Our vision is to help clients create spaces within their home that generates a feeling of happiness. We strive to keep our projects as green as possible; to reuse, recycle, and choose earth friendly materials as much as we can. We believe in a simple life, well lived.


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We began our journey of home renovation when we moved into our first house, a 900 sq ft original storage shop from 1812. We spent late nights and every weekend on fun projects such as exposing brick hidden in the walls but also exploring how exactly the mice were getting into the kitchen drawers... We quickly fell in love with creating beauty, and modern amenities in our old house, and eventually found what it meant to call something home. We knew right then and there that we needed to do this full time and help other people create the space they needed to feel at home in their houses. We slowly took on renovation projects while continuing to work our day jobs until James was hired full time for house framing. After almost a year of working under  some of the most experienced carpenters in the field, we knew it was time to go out on our own and take a chance. We have been following our passion full time for three years now and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in many houses. We take every project to heart in order to give our clients the best results and turn their hopes and dreams into reality.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you feel like you got to know us a little better while you were here        



Carolina & James

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Tel: 203-312-4532

Westbrook, CT

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